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Message Note Board Creative Led Night Light USB

Message Note Board Creative Led Night Light USB

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Making creative notes with Led Night Light lamp

Led Night Light lamp is a USB night light that emits a soothing and pleasant glow.

It is ideal for use in the bedroom, study, or workplace. Furthermore, it functions as a stunning, creative night light for your workspace and living area.

A sleek and handy night light meant to make taking notes, sketching, or photographing at night simpler. A fashionable, high-quality lamp that can be used to illuminate any room.


Application- The Led Night Light lamp -Message Board Creative Led Night Light USB (Black/White) is a USB-powered led light that can project a variety of entertaining messages on the wall. It is an excellent present for both children and adults.

Perfect design- Led Night Light lamp Message Board Creative Led Night Light USB is a simple night light with an eye-catching design.

It is an ideal present for creative folks. It is appropriate for creative persons, designers, painters, tattooists, and those who have trouble sleeping at night. High brightness and quality, minimal radiation, and an extended service life

Uniqueness- This is a one-of-a-kind and exquisite night light. It functions as both a writing instrument and a nightlight.

It also has an LED lamp for lighting your surroundings. Led Night Light lamp is perfectly safe to use in the dark, as it shines through a translucent frosted top. It has the ability to light up your place. Ideal for the nighttime reading experience."

High quality lightweight material, low power consumption, energy saving which ensures its long service life.

Name: Acrylic Night Light LED Note Board

Material: Acrylic + ABS

Product Voltage: 5V

Product Power: 4W

Power Type: USB

Base Size: 95*40MM

Luminous Flux: 100LM Light


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