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Custom Engraved Name Wall Light

Custom Engraved Name Wall Light

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Give your name its own place on the wall

Looking for something to spice up your room? Why not choose a billboard dedicated to the name of your choice! Custom Engraved Name Wall Light gives you a celebrity treatment you won’t forget!

You can choose which word to be the base and then the engraving in it, the result will be a shiny classy billboard, ready to be hung and lit up like a Christmas tree!
Custom Engraved Name Wall Light gives the retro feels and homey vibes as soon as you place it in your room. If you like it don’t stop at one, help all your friends experience what fame feels like!

Make yourself known-

Bring your name the recognition it deserves, send it to us and we’ll turn it onto your very own Broadway billboard!

Gift them fame-

Few people will ever see their name on a billboard, you can make sure your loved ones get to experience this honor!

Bring a homey vibe-

Need something to fill the empty wall, light up your surroundings with a lamp dedicated to the person of your preference!

 Custom Engraved Name Wall Light is the ultimate choice-

Give your room a totally new aesthetic, enjoy a warmer scene for all your evenings as soon as you light Custom Engraved Name Wall Lights up!


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