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Pibi Electronics Bone Conduction Earbuds

Pibi Electronics Bone Conduction Earbuds

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Experience the new way of listing to Music!

Every moment of your life is connected to the music of your life with bone conduction earbuds! It is a novel idea in hearing technology since sound is transmitted by bone vibration rather than requiring insertion into the ear canal.

The Bone Conduction Earbuds are bone conduction earbuds that not only produce a clear, sharp sound but also enable you to hear everything going on around you without cutting yourself off from your surroundings.

The ideal method for listening to music.

Because it won't block ambient sounds like standard headphones do, you can:

✅May you, when you're listening to music at work, pay attention to your supervisor.

Walk while keeping an ear out for automobile horns.

✅So that you don't become sidetracked and vulnerable to robbery on the street.

Always listen to your favorite music.

It can connect to any device.

You have another option for listening to music, regardless of the cell phone you use; it works with all classes of Android and IOS devices. Additionally, Bluetooth 5.2's most recent version ensures the highest level of data transmission quality.

 It is resistant to water

Your headset will continue to function flawlessly even on the wettest day thanks to its IP65 protection, which guarantees that it will remain functional in light rain and mist.

 Practical, comfortable and sophisticated.

Weighing less than 5g with a modern and anatomical design,  its comfort is indescribable. Its case allows you to transport it safely anywhere while keeping your batteries charged.

The Bone Conduction Earbuds fits in your ear and ensures that the earphones won't fall out, so you can use them anywhere in every occasion of your day.

Technical information

Battery: 30mAh.
Included in the package.
1 * Ambie Bone Conduction Earphone.
1 * Cable for charging.
Material: Sturdy ABS plastic.
Technology: Via Bluetooth.
Protection: IP65.

Perfect for long hours of use.
6 hours of non-stop music, 1.5 hours to fully charge. Your case allows up to 3 full charges. In addition to its total comfort in the ear, allowing use for long periods without any discomfort.


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