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Pibi Electronics Conduction Wireless Headphones

Pibi Electronics Conduction Wireless Headphones

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Listen to music comfortably with Hearing Vibe!

By up to 70%, the headphones decrease ambient noise. Clear phone conversation is expected with this device even in loud environments. The wearer may listen to music using twin microphones (up to 60DB).

It is a brand-new style of earphone that projects sound waves onto the cheekbones. Slim, light, and comfortable enough to wear every day. 



Premium quality— Very simple to set up in 2 steps, after which you may lose yourself in a magnificent musical universe. Enjoy and dance to the beat as you please! HearingVibe headphones provide superior bass performance compared to other bone conduction headphones, providing you with a greater audio feast.

Sports Workout— Specifically made for sports. You don't have to be concerned about the headphones coming free or moving when jogging or engaging in other workouts because of the waterproof memory alloy technology. Meanwhile, its open-ear design allows you to keep aware of your surroundings, boosting the safety of outdoor sports.

Safe and healthy— Tympanic membrane damage is less because the sound does not pass through it. It is safer to bike, run, or drive while using an open-ear headset than while using a typical sound-canceling device.

Multifunctional—Your iOS and Android devices may both use it. Your smartphone, tablet, Mac, and PC laptops may all be easily connected.



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