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Extender Gripper Tools For Trash

Extender Gripper Tools For Trash

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Reaching and grabbing job easier, faster, and safer with Clabber!

The grabber reacher tool allows you to easily reach items stored on high shelves, dropped behind furniture or other tight places.
Perfect for those with limited mobility, arthritis, painful back conditions and those recovering from surgery.

Strong Suction Cups
Grabber Stick can securely grasp an object without endangering the surface. Small objects can also be held in the grabber's mouth, which can expand up to around 5 inches. You may easily manage whether the grabber's mouth is open and its length is folded with the help of the lock button on the pick up tool.

Lock Mode and Ergonomic Handle

When the huge jaws of the lock are turned to the ""OFF"" position and the trigger is lightly squeezed, the catch will be stronger and more difficult to slide off. With the trigger not needing to be squeezed constantly, it is a terrific aid for the elderly and others with impairments. Additionally, the ergonomic and comfortable grip allows for continuous usage while minimizing arm and hand strain.

Easy Grabbing

trash claw grabber make it simple to pick up objects like coins, envelopes, and rubbish. By reducing the amount of labor required, they also make our jobs simpler.


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