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Foldable Waterproof Beach Mat

Foldable Waterproof Beach Mat

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Foldable Waterproof Beach Mat - your ultimate outdoor companion!

The Foldable Waterproof Beach Mat is the perfect outdoor companion for your beach trips, camping adventures, and picnics. Made of durable polyester and waterproof PVC, it keeps you dry and comfortable. 

Foldable Waterproof Beach Mat

The mat is also windproof and comes with pegs to secure it. It doubles as a raincoat and is easy to clean. It folds down to just 16x7cm and comes with a carry bag. Available in two sizes, 140x210cm, and 200x210cm, it's ultra-portable and lightweight at just 230g or 320g.

Person wrapping Foldable Waterproof Beach Mat around themselves, using it as a raincoat


  • Waterproof and water-resistant materials keep you dry and comfortable
  • Windproof and comes with pegs to secure it to the ground
  • Doubles as a raincoat for added protection
  • Easy to clean with a simple wash in the machine
  • Ultra-compact and lightweight for easy transport
  • Available in two sizes to suit individual or family needs
Foldable Waterproof Beach Mat, packed inside included carry bag for easy transport

How to Install:

  • Unfold the mat and lay it on the ground in your desired location
  • If it's windy, use the included pegs to secure the mat to the ground
  • Enjoy your outdoor activities with the confidence that the mat will keep you dry and comfortable
  • If it starts to rain, wrap the mat around yourself to use it as a raincoat
  • After use, fold the mat back up and tie it to your backpack or pack it in the included carry bag for easy transport
  • When you get home, simply put the mat in the washing machine to clean it and have it ready for your next adventure.


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