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Hanging Lazy Neck Phone Holder

Hanging Lazy Neck Phone Holder

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Are you lazy enough not to hold your phone while watching movies or just using it?

The lazy phone folder can offer its shape and rotation using its thoughts. It may be used on a table, bed, floor, automobile, hands, neck, and other sections that can be lightly placed, making it a highly useful smartphone tool.

Flexible -

It's a 360-degree rotating phone case that can be adjusted to any position for convenient viewing.

Convenient -

It's ideal for use in the bedroom, car, cycling, gym, office, exhibition, and more to view phones, watch movies, listen to music, use GPS, and play phone games. It's small and light, and it can be bent into any shape you choose. It's also easy to carry.

Sturdy -

It is made up of about 70% aluminum-magnesium alloy, is stable, and does not wobble.


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