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Pibi Electronics LED Knitted Beanie Hat

Pibi Electronics LED Knitted Beanie Hat

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 An essential when out and about in the dark!

Do you enjoy walking or jogging at night? Is Hiking, Camping, or Fishing your hobby? We have something great for you! We’re happy to introduce you to the LED Winter Beanie.

Beanie cap hat with LED light is greate for Dog Walking, Jogging, Biking, Camping, Hunting, Fishing,Hiking, Handyman Working, Grilling, Auto Repair and Home Improvement or any other activity needing hands-free lighting. It's also a great Halloweens/Christmas/New Year's gift for your family members, friends and anyone you love.

 Free Your Hands:

 Our beanies will keep you warm and stay secure while freeing you up to do the work you need to do. No longer do you need bulky, headlamps that fall off or loosen up while you’re on the move. The knitted cap provides a cushion, which means you won’t feel the battery pack or LED bulbs on your head.


It has 4 built-in LED bulbs, it can be easily removed and recharged by gently pressing it back from that, unplugging the protective cover of the USB port, insert a USB connector into any USB power socket. After 2 hours of charging, you will get a bright hat, as bright as a headlamp, but more light and comfortable.

Lasting Brightness:

Last up to 20 hours of continuous use. Realistically with sporadic usage, you will have this hat for ages before you need to charge.

Easy to Use: The simple on/off switch is on the battery pack which is secured and hidden in the band. Because the sliding switch is the beanie’s cuff, it cannot be accidentally turned on and kill the battery life. Before washing, please remove the light first.


Material: Acrylic/ Knitted
Color: Gray / Navy Blue / Black / Orange/ Camo Green / Fluorescent Yellow / Nature Yellow / Camo Yellow
Size: Free size, one size fits most(elastic
Weight: 0.2lb

Occasions: Running, Biking, Skateboarding, Outdoors, Hunting, Camping, Hiking, Jogging, Handyman Working, Walking, Snowmobiling, Grilling, Traffic Monitoring, Auto Repair, Ice Fishing, Dog Walking, Outdoor Chores, etc.


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