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Magnetic Privacy Tempered Glass with Metal Phone Case

Magnetic Privacy Tempered Glass with Metal Phone Case

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Enhance your phone privacy against unwanted prying eyes with MagneticTempered!

This magnetic Tempered Glass is an innovative, super strong, shatterproof, heat-resistant tempered glass.

Its high-quality glass with a unique coating, which may be covered with a variety of magnets, makes it impact-resistant, scratch-resistant, and simple to clean. A stylish, strong case that shields you from prying nosy eyes.



Double-sided Clear Tempered Glass and Magnetic Adsorption

This has backward compatibility with iPhone 12 Pro Max Privacy Magnetic case that has a front privacy film and a back cover that displays the Apple logo and the original phone design.

Magnetic adsorption technology with a built-in magnet surrounds the iPhone 12 Pro Max Privacy confidential case, making the phone style trendy and stand-out. 

360 Full Protective and Non-blocking Signal

This privacy magnetic case 360-degree full protective metal frame and solid tempered glass configuration with raised corners to lift the screen and camera off flat surfaces, anti-scratch & anti-dirty, protect your phone from scratches, shock & smudge.

High precision side panels make iPhone privacy magnetic case direct connections to all access points.

Supports Wireless Charging and Super Easy installation

The thin layer design supports wireless charging makes it convenient because the phone is not able to be removed from its metallic case.

The phone remains slim and portable due to its lightweight and waterproof design. The magnetic case automatically closes and is simple to construct.

Strong magnetic adsorption is compatible with all smartphones' privacy, which allows the users to learn additional installation techniques.


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