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Pibi Electronics-Gardening Thumb Knife

Pibi Electronics-Gardening Thumb Knife

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Want to have a knight for your fingers while you’re cooking?

This Pibi Electronics Gardening Thumb Knife is compact, light, and simple to use; you may wear it for a long time without adding much weight to your finger, making it useful for various sections of the finger or different fingers;

Pibi Electronics-Gardening Thumb Knife

Finger protectors are designed to protect your fingertips from injury while picking; simply insert your thumb and press firmly. You may put the silicone thumb knife in your pocket and carry it to your garden, patio, lawn, or driveway.


Safe preparation - When cutting vegetables, fruits, and meat, the finger guard can protect your fingers from injury, allowing you to prepare food safely. 

Picking efficiency  - Separator finger protectors can assist you with picking veggies, cutting vegetables, peeling fruits, shelling seafood, and more. 

Neat and Clean cut - Pibi Electronics-Gardening Thumb Knife assures that apples, pears, peaches, and other soft-branched fruits are not harmed.


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