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Best Built-in Dual Camera SOS Device Tracker Smartwatch For Kids With GPS

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  • [New Children Smartwatch]: Update the smartwatch for children, with international level waterproof and dustproof. 2 Color Mint Blue and Light Pink are brighter than previous models. Built-in GPS + LBS 2 modes of positioning more powerful than individual LBS modes. Built-in camera, flashlight, two-way calling, voice chat, fitness tracker, remote camera, clock, math game, etc.

  • GPS + LBS - 2-way location tracker】: Positioning in GPS & LBS 2 mode integrated by our smartwatch for children means triple safety for children. When in outdoors or in a good signal location, the GPS tracker error will be less than 60 meters / 240 feet. It allows you to stay connected, whether your child is inside or outside a building. Also can be a Health Fitness Tracker, check the steps & distance by APP.

  • Security Geofence & SOS Emergency Call】: Parents can set a security zone in "Setracker 2" APP. If they are out of the safe area, you would be informed by APP. Press the SOS key for 3 seconds to make an emergency call. Parents can set up three numbers for the SOS emergency call; Call the 3 SOS phone numbers alternately in 2 rounds until the call is answered. When in danger, your kids can use this quick dial function to inform you.

  • Remote Monitor & Do Not Disturb】: Set the voice monitor number in APP, when dialing the number, the watch will automatically answer without reminding and turn on the remote monitor, so parents could hear the children's voice and see around the situation. Parents can set 3 time periods on ''Do Not Disturb'' mode in the APP to avoid the interruption of class time. This function will prohibit most of the functions such as call, voice chat, except for SOS functions.