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Cable Organizer USB Cable Winder Management Clips Wire Cord Protector Cables Holder

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$11.98 USD
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$12.98 USD
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$11.98 USD
  • Material: Made of high-quality silicone and 3M seamless double-sided tape, with good elasticity and pressure resistance, effectively protecting the cable. They are non-toxic, dust-free, antistatic, and eco-friendly.

  • Storage function: multiple data lines are tangled on your desktop, it is difficult to tidy up and accurately identify which one is connected to which device; The cable fixing clip will solve your problem and ensure that your cable is organized and when needed Easy to access.

  • Use scenario: This cable holder can be used for computer / TV cable, power cord, USB cable, charging cable, mouse cable, mobile phone charger, headphone cable, etc. which can be used on desktops, walls, and cars.


  • Function selection: Cable brackets with different slots can be selected according to your different needs (3 slots). Suitable for cables 6mm or less including computer cable, speaker wires, power cord, audio wires, USB data cable, network cable, twisted headphone cords, and so on.

  • Instructions for use: The cable organizer is good for all smooth and clean surfaces at home or office, such as wall, marble, table, plastic, wood, glass. Tips: cleaning the wall, car, desk surface first!