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PiBi Electronics

NBY Portable Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Loudspeaker Outdoor Waterproof Speaker

Regular price
$43.00 USD
Regular price
$34.76 USD
Sale price
$43.00 USD

Technical parameter:
Loudspeaker output: 455w * 2 (4ohm, thd <1%)
Speaker: 45mm * 2
Version: v4.2
Frequency response range: 90 hz-20 khz
Signal noise rate:> 80db
Capacity / voltage battery: 1800 mah / 3.7 v
Battery charge time: around 2 h
Working time: 4-6hours
USB power input: 5 v 2a
Speaker size: 172 * 76 * 76mm

Package includes:
1 * NBY- 18 speaker
1 * audio cable
1 * charging cable
1 * user manual

Connection method:
Turn on the speaker
Turn on the speaker, the speaker will automatically go into the wireless mode.
Connect to mobile devices
Turn on the wireless option on the mobile device, select (model name) on the mobile device, the speaker will beep after the successful connection.
For future uses, just keep the mobile device wireless on, it can connect automatically

Other instructions:
Connect to the new mobile device
If the current device with the speaker is connected, you need to disconnect the wireless from the current device, the use of the new mobile device to connect the speaker.

Instructions for use
On/off button
Press and hold this button to turn the speaker on / off.
Prev/volume button
When playing or pausing in wireless / tf card modes, press short for the previous song.
When in FM mode, press short for the previous radio station.
In either mode, long press to reduce the volume, there will be an alert "beep" sound at minimum volume.

Next button / volume +
When playing or pausing in wireless / tf card mode, press short for the next song.
When in FM mode, press short for the next station.
In any mode, long press to increase the volume, there will be alert "beep" sound at maximum volume

Ring, pause, phone, station, station search key
When in wireless, the tf card music playback mode back, press short to pause, press shortly again to play.
When in FM mode, quickly press for automatic search, press again to stop searching the radio station.
In wireless mode, when incoming calls, short press to answer the phone, short press again to hang up, long press to reject the phone.
In wireless mode. When no calls, long press to call-back, back to the last outgoing phone number.

Mode switch, LED spectrum lamp button
Press this button in wireless switch mode, tf card, radio,
Line in (in line-in, wireless mode, calls will be invalid).
When without card, 3.5mm audio input line, press this button only to switch between wireless and FM mode.
Short press to open, switch, close the LED spectrum function.