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Silicone Toilet Brush TPR Soft Bristle Head Household Cleaning Bathroom Brush

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$21.32 USD
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$23.50 USD
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$21.32 USD
  • Stylish storage: The toilet brush with an independent stand provides a simple and discreet storage method to keep the floor clean and dry. Neatly placed next to the toilet Non-slip, non-slip foam base keeps bowl brushes firm can withstand daily use
  • Rugged: The bristles are sturdy and deeply cleaned, making it difficult to clean the bubbly bathroom when not used for careful storage, the brush can be placed in its own holder. If the closet or cabinet space is limited, the holder should make the brush head invisible. The handle is perfect for the hand, and the disc prevents water from splashing
  • Compact design: space-saving design suitable for the narrow bathroom area, easy to put away clean and classic appearance can be used with any decoration very suitable for a half bath and full bath, guest bathroom, dressing room for families, apartments, apartments, Dormitories, cabins, RVs and campers
  • Quality construction: Made of durable, drop-resistant plastic foam pads on the bottom prevent scratching the bathroom floor easy care-clean with mild soap and water
  • Caddy has a non-slip base