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Automatic Rolling 4-Layer Egg Storage Box for Fridge

Automatic Rolling 4-Layer Egg Storage Box for Fridge

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Maximize Fridge Space and Keep Eggs Fresh

Rolling egg holder

This clever design makes it easy to access your eggs while saving space. Its compact size fits neatly in your fridge, providing organized storage for up to 30 eggs. You will never have to deal with loose egg cartons again!

Fridge egg storage
  • 4-Layer Large Capacity: Store up to 30 eggs with ease, thanks to the 4-layer design, optimizing your fridge space.
  • Automatic Rolling Holder: Eggs roll to the front for easy access, ensuring freshness and order.
  • Portable Egg Storage Rack: Easily transport your eggs with this portable rack, perfect for picnics or potlucks.

Effortless Egg Organization

Just place your eggs in the top and let gravity do the work! This organizer keeps your eggs in view and ready to use, with no fuss and no mess. Say goodbye to cracked eggs from flimsy cartons.

Durable and Easy to Clean

Made from sturdy, food-grade materials, this egg storage box is built to last. Its sleek design complements any refrigerator style. Plus, cleaning is a breeze—wipe it down or rinse it with water.

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