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Pet Water Fountain Automatic Filter Dispenser

Pet Water Fountain Automatic Filter Dispenser

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Cats are more likely to drink from flowing water.

Clean water for pets

Clean Water

Maintaining a constant supply of clean water is achieved through this Pet Water Fountain Automatic Filter Dispenser.

Convenient pet hydration

This Pet Water Fountain Automatic Filter Dispenser offers pet owners an adjustable water flow with its 3 gears to cater to their pet’s drinking preferences. Designed to provide fresh water from a hygienic source, the product increases pets’ daily hydration to ensure health and well-being.

Automatic pet drinking stationTotal capacity 1.5L

The Pet Water Fountain Automatic Filter Dispenser provides fresh, filtered water for your furry companion. It offers a 1.5L capacity and a unique water flow that encourages your pet to drink more. Its replaceable filter can effectively remove chlorine and heavy metals from the water, promoting your pet's health. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your pet is drinking clean, filtered water.
Pet-friendly water fountainHigh quality

The Pet Water Fountain Automatic Filter Dispenser guarantees an uninterrupted flow of clean drinking water for your furry friend. Its superior filter system removes debris and toxins for purified, healthy water that is safe and healthy for your pet. Its high-quality design is easy to clean and maintain, so your pet can stay hydrated without worrying about contamination.

Pet water dispenser with filtration

Design The Pump

This Pet Water Fountain Automatic Filter Dispenser is designed with a powerful pump to provide clean, purified water for your pet. Its submersible design and powerful motor keep it running without noise, while its 3-layer filter keeps water fresh and tasty. With durable construction and easy maintenance, the dispenser ensures your pet has the cleanest water.

Easy-to-use pet water dispenser


- Automatic pet water dispenser
- 1.5L capacity is ideal for dogs, cats, and most pet families.
- 3 water flow speed modes provide clean tap water to make your pet happier and healthier.

Material: food grade
Product Color: Various colors are available
Maximum Capacity: 1.5L
Product Size: about 16x11.5x12.5 cm
Tip: clean the pump regularly to prolong its service life

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