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Pibi Electronics - LED Artist Tracing Table

Pibi Electronics - LED Artist Tracing Table

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Looking for a tool to take your artistic skills to the next level?

How to Improve Drawing Skills?
First --Take an interest in the Arts

Lighted art tracing table

Art always starts with copy and tracing slim, lightweight, portable, and bright light pad perfect for tracing, and the screen is made of plastic, not glass, safe for children
start with writing her alphabet and numbers, and then for diamond paintings

Portable lightbox for drawing

It's A4 size and 5.1mm super thin as well and the acrylic surface makes it feel like a glass panel with super bright LED lamps inside, the light pad provides a maximum of 1500 lux of brightness which can be seen through very thick paper.
Sketching light board
The LED Light pad is designed for everyone whether you are an enthusiastic amateur or a professional artist. Eyesight-protected Technology is designed in it, and that's perfect for sketching, drawing, animation making, calligraphy, and tattoo tracing.
LED art stencil board
Light Box Tracing Pad
super thin, lightweight, and portable
Flicker-Free & No radiation, good for your eyes especially long-hour working. Bright LED ensures extremely low calorific value and life span up to 30000 hours.
Professional tracing light table
How to make Dianmond painting?
1. Diamond painting, also known as DIY diamond painting, the painter only needs to glue the diamond extracted by the point drill tool to the corresponding symbol on the canvas, thus completing the pasting of a diamond, and then slowly filling in each symbol The corresponding area is fine.

2. Common tools for diamond painting include a point drill box, point drill pen, double-sided tape, glue, tweezers, etc.

3. The drill pen has two ends, one end is a metal head with a hole, and the other end is a plastic brush head. One end of the metal head is for single-point use. Insert the metal head into the cement before use, so that the hole is filled with cement so that it is sticky.

4. Stick the double-sided tape on the other end of the 4-point drill pen, and then tap the drill

5. The point diamond box is the place where the diamond grains are placed, and there are grids and grids inside. Arrange the diamonds one by one in each grid.

6. Glue a small row of drill pens in the drill box

7. Stick to the diamond painting according to the number

8. Draw all the numbers on the diamonds and dot the diamond grains of the corresponding color, and an exquisite work of art is complete!


  • Warning: Keep away from fire and water
  • Type: LED luminous copy board A5
  • Type: Drawing Board
  • Suit for people: Children, Adults
  • Recommend Age: 12+y,3-6y,6-12y,14+y
  • Material: Plastic


1. Keep away from fire and water
2. Be careful when opening the product.
3. Manual measurement may have an error of 2-3 cm
4. Without the original gift box, we will use a PE Bag to pack it well and protect it well, please don't worry.

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