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Pibi Electronics - Plant Repotting Mat

Pibi Electronics - Plant Repotting Mat

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The Perfect Spot For Indoor Gardening!

Taking care of your indoor plants always gets messy. Our mat allows you to work on your plants without creating a mess in your household!

Planting surface protector

You can do the dirty work inside it without having to worry about water pouring out. FreshGrow is spacious enough to allow for seamless reporting and becomes as good as new after a wash.

Planting mat

You don’t need to have a garden to enjoy nurturing your plants! Start taking care of your plants from the comfort of your home without making another mess again!

Gardening accessory


Mess-free gardening - Enjoy working with your plants inside to ensure you won’t have to clean up the dirt from the ground!

Plant care necessity

Help nature flourish - Easily fertilize, dig, report, clean, and transplant your plants to help them flourish wherever they are!

Pibi Electronics gardening tool

Your green workplace- Create a safe space where you can work on your plants without neglecting their needs or going outside!

Easy repotting solution

Ultimate choice- See how easy it is to nurture your indoor plants without having to clean dirt or go outside to do the work!

Versatile gardening mat

Application Scope: Home Gardening, Changing Pots, Pruning Plants, Soil Pads, etc.

Potting mat
●Material: Oxford Cloth
●Color: Green, Blue, Pink, Black
●Size: About 100x100CM
Package includes:
1 Pcs x Gardening Pad
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