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Electric Mason Jar Vacuum Sealer Kit

Electric Mason Jar Vacuum Sealer Kit

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    Save space with the Electric Mason Jar Vacuum Sealer - keep food fresh and flavorful. No more waste

    Kitchen helper

    Transform your food storage with the Electric Mason Jar Vacuum Sealer Kit! Seal wide and regular-mouth mason jars airtight for longer-lasting fruits, vegetables, grains, and spices. The advanced vacuum technology ensures freshness by removing air. This portable and cordless kit comes with all the necessary parts and accessories. Rely on the Electric Mason Jar Vacuum Sealer Kit for easy and efficient food preservation.

    Seal and save

    How to Use

    • Place the mason jar lid atop the jar. (Not suitable for one-piece lids with rings.)
    • Firmly press the sealer down, ensuring a smooth hold.
    • For added effectiveness, remove the top mason jar sealer and add a ring lid (ring lid not included in our package).
    • To seal a standard mouth jar, insert the red arrow of the standard mouth seal converter.
    • Align it with the unlock symbol on the main unit, then insert it into the silicone ring in the wide mouth seal area and tighten it clockwise.
    • Once the arrow aligns with the lock symbol, the installation is successful.
    Food preservation


    1. Avoid overfilling bottles to ensure better sealing.
    2. Ensure the jar's mouth is dry and clean for proper sealing.
    3. Properly engage the sealer with the jar's mouth.
    4. Use matching lids for mason jars.
    5. Watch for silicone ring displacement with frequent use.
    6. Center and firmly press the electric vacuum sealer for sealing.

      Keep food fresh
      Seal and store
      Jar lid sealer
      Food vacuum sealer
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