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Two Way Pet Hair Remover

Two Way Pet Hair Remover

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Efficiently tackle your pet's shedding fur with Remover.

It is a simple yet effective solution for removing your pet's fur from your bed or carpet

There's no need to be concerned about picking up a single hair. It was simple to use and removed the hair from the cleaning tool.

Versatile fur cleaning tool


Functionality - In a flash, you can get rid of pet hair. This pet hair removal roller makes it simple to get rid of cat and dog hair from your bed and furniture. It is the most convenient and portable method for cleaning pet hair.

Pet hair eliminator

Reusable & Durable - You will not need to purchase sticky tape or adhesive tape as frequently. Maintaining peeling or replenishing isn't necessary. Cleaning our reusable pet hair roller is a breeze. The product is ready to use after emptying the waste container. For a variety of uses, it's both convenient and long-lasting.

Pet hair remover roller

Premium Quality - The ABS body is combined with a PP roller and a nylon etiquette brush. This product has a long service life and is easy to clean since it is made of high-quality materials.

Double-sided pet grooming brush
  • Material: Plastic
  • Usage: FURNITURE
  • Production: Lint Sticking Roller
  • Style: Manual
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