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Ultrasonic Tartar and Plaque Remover Kit for Cats and Dogs

Ultrasonic Tartar and Plaque Remover Kit for Cats and Dogs

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Effortless Dental Care for Your Pets

Ultrasonic tartar remover for pets

Transform your pet's oral hygiene with our Ultrasonic Tartar and Plaque Remover Kit. Using advanced ultrasonic technology, this innovative cleaner targets and eliminates plaque, tartar, and stains with up to 40,000 Hz high-frequency vibrations, providing a gentle yet powerful cleaning experience.

Ultrasonic dental kit for dogs

Safe and Comfortable Cleaning

Designed with your pet's comfort in mind, our ultrasonic cleaner features a precision tip that activates only upon contact with teeth or hard surfaces. This ensures a painless and safe cleaning process, protecting sensitive gums while reaching tricky areas with ease.

Safe pet teeth cleaning tool

Cost-Effective Dental Maintenance

Skip the frequent vet visits and keep your pet’s teeth in top condition by using our ultrasonic cleaner every 3-4 months. Save on costly dental treatments and help prevent periodontal disease with minimal effort.

Pet dental health ultrasonic cleaner

Comprehensive Cleaning Solution

Equipped with 5 adjustable cleaning modes, an integrated LED light, and a 4-piece professional cleaning kit, this device adapts to the specific needs of your pet’s dental care. Easily adjust the mode to match the severity of plaque and tartar buildup for a thorough and tailored clean.

Pain-free ultrasonic pet cleaner

Fresher Breath and Better Health

Say goodbye to unpleasant pet breath! By effectively removing plaque and tartar, this cleaner reduces bacteria in your pet’s mouth, leading to fresher breath and improved overall health.

Ultrasonic pet teeth hygiene tool

Product Specifications

  • Color: White
  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: 18 cm

Package Contents

1 set of Ultrasonic Tartar and Plaque Remover for Dogs and Cats

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