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Adjustable Refrigerator Storage Plastic Container

Adjustable Refrigerator Storage Plastic Container

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Organize your fruits and veggies with FridgeTray!

The fridge tray organizer will undoubtedly help in organizing your refrigerator's contents. The retractable type design can be customized to fit your needs in terms of space. Not just for refrigerators, but also for other storage, since it may hold a few small goods.

Space-saving fridge bins


Unique Design -

The hanging refrigerator rack efficiently utilizes the refrigerator's upper gap, expanding storage space to handle more food.

Customizable fridge storage


The ventilation holes on the bottom of the refrigerator drawer organizer aid in drainage and ventilation while also keeping items fresh. Use a paper towel beneath the holes if you need to shut them for any reason.

Clear plastic refrigerator organizers

Safe Material -

It keeps food items visible and easy to locate. Food storage is safe, the structure is sturdy, and the load-bearing capacity is sufficient to accommodate full bins of eggs and fruits. It has air holes, rapid leaching water, and is cleaner and hygienic.

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Product Specifications:

  • Material: PP Plastic
  • Size: 20.5 x 18 cm, stretches up to 28.5 cm
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