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Bedside Phone and Tablet Holder

Bedside Phone and Tablet Holder

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Say goodbye to outdated and clumsy clip-on holders!

Discover the Bedside Phone and Tablet Holder, the latest design in mobile device holders! Keep your phone or tablet within reach, wherever you are. Convenient and versatile, it won't damage your furniture.

Modern Nightstand Dock

Our Customers Love It!

Perfect Gift: The Bedside Phone and Tablet Holder makes a great present for family and friends, delivering a great combination of convenience and flexibility for their devices.

Smartphone Stand for Bed

Safe, Secure Fit:  No more damage to your furniture with the FlexiGrip! It fits snugly in the gap between your bed, sofa, or desk, or you can place it on a table.

Bedside Entertainment Stand

Place it anywhere.  You can use the Bedside Phone and Tablet Holder in various gaps or on different surfaces, such as a headboard, sofa arm, or desk. Whether you're standing, sitting, leaning, or lying down, it frees your hands and provides a comfortable viewing experience.

Sturdy Tablet Bracket

Adjust and rotate.  The Bedside Phone and Tablet Holder features four joints, with three of them equipped with tension adjusters. The final joint allows for a full 360-degree rotation, ensuring that you can position your device exactly as you want it.

Phone and Tablet Rest

Style Options:

  1. Upgrade: Hidden Cell Phone Holder
  2. Upgrade: Hidden Phone + Tablet Holder

Material: Alloy

The Bedside Phone and Tablet Holder is the ultimate solution for keeping your devices accessible and at the perfect angle. Get yours today and enjoy the convenience it offers!

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