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Bluetooth Remote GPS Tracker Tag

Bluetooth Remote GPS Tracker Tag

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Track items w/ Bluetooth Remote GPS Tracker Tag & its free mobile app! Get alerts when tagged items wander too far. Keep tabs on your stuff with GPS!

Find My Stuff Tag

Track wheels, hogs, hideaways, progeny, fur babies, pouches, shoulder sacks, suitcases, passports & more with this GPS Tracker Tag! Keep tabs on mischievous wanderings—no escapes! Confidently keep track of your whole crew from car keys to pet ferrets.

GPS Tracking Device

Stay connected with the Bluetooth Remote GPS Tracker Tag! Perfect for outdoor adventurers. Capture memories- no battery worries!

Item Finder Tag

Track anything with this Bluetooth Remote GPS Tracker Tag! Get exact distance info with a pedometer & pinpoint precision!

Remote GPS Location Tag

Mobile applications for iPhone and Android.

Lost Object Tracker

Supports a number of languages including English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish.

Bluetooth Remote GPS Tracker Tag in Action

Measures about 38x38*7mm.

Smart Bluetooth Tracker for Easy Location


  • (1x) Smart Alarm Device
  • (1x) Manual
  • After-sale Service
GPS Tracking Device for Valuables
Grab the gratis mobile application as outlined in the manual!
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