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Cube Optical Prism Projector

Cube Optical Prism Projector

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Light up your life with the Cube Optical Prism Projector!

Cube Prism Projector for aesthetic lighting

Illuminate any space with a mesmerizing rainbow of colors using the Cube Optical Prism Projector. This fun tool sparks curiosity about science and light, perfect for any room.

Create magic with Cube Prism Projector

Transform your space with the colorful light projections of the Cube Optical Prism Projector.

Prism projector for dreamy atmosphere


  • Science learning: Teaches kids about light refraction in a visually engaging and interactive way.
  • Dual purpose: Both educational and decorative, this projector adds a touch of wonder to any room.
  • Compact: Small and user-friendly design makes it perfect for bedrooms, playrooms, or classrooms.
Cube Prism Projector for unique lighting effects
Prism projector for relaxation zones
Cube Prism Projector for creative illumination
Prism projector for artistic lighting


Material: Glass
Size: 0.5 inches / 0.7 inches / 1 inches
Weight: About 5g
Usage: For teaching or research tools or for decoration

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