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Digital Hand Dynamometer Grip Strength

Digital Hand Dynamometer Grip Strength

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Strengthen, Impress Friends - The All-in-One Grip Trainer

Hand dynamometer for rehabilitation

Consider a regular gripper instead of the Digital Hand Dynamometer Grip Strength.

Grip strength measurement equipment

Customize resistance with Digital Hand Dynamometer Grip Strength. Choose your desired level and use specialized grip trainer and grip meter modes. Multiple grip trainers in one convenient device.

Handheld strength testing tool

Get an exact measurement

Our training device has a precise stress gauge sensor and can hold 8 user files, making progress tracking effortless. Max capacity: 198 lb/90 kg; weight: 0.2 lb/0.1 kg.

Hand grip dynamometer for athletes

Smart Counting and Resistance Adjustment

Track up to 1999 exercises with this grip training device. Adjust resistance from 11-190 pounds (5-89.8 kg) for personalized workouts.

Portable grip strength measurement

Sports equipment for injury recovery

Improve wrist, finger, and forearm strength and speed with this grip enhancer. Great for athletes, musicians, and those with hand injuries or conditions like arthritis.

Hand dynamometer for sports

Simple to operate and store data.

The dynamometer has a large LCD screen for displaying all measurement data, including user code, age, gender, grip value (lbs or kilograms), status, and saved power levels for easy comparison.

Portable hand grip strength tester

Top Present

Improve grip strength for training, sports, family, or clinical use. Also makes a great gift for special occasions.

Digital hand grip strength measurement

Product information

  • Product Category: Grip Device
  • Material: ABS
  • Application scenario: Fitness equipment

Package Contents

  • 1*Grip Strength Trainer
  • 1*USB cable
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