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Ghost Face Scarecrow

Ghost Face Scarecrow

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Encounter a frightful Halloween with Ghostface!

 This scarecrow alarms birds and critters; for Halloween, it's designed to spook your neighbors, adding a spine-tingling look to your decor!

Scary Halloween Yard Decor
Plop him in your yard or porch for a frightful Halloween haunt!
October Ghost Scarecrow

Halloween Outdoor Decoration

Perfect for Halloween, this creepy doodad will take your porch or costume party to the next level of horror! Super spooky vibes are guaranteed!

Eerie Scarecrow Figure

Durable Material

The spooky hanging ghost is made of an environmentally and durable material combination, light, suitable for outdoor decoration. This horrific ghost-face scarecrow is sure to terrify birds, deer, and even your neighbors!

Frightening Scarecrow Art

Easily Removable

Our Skeleton ScareCrow can be taken apart limb by limb, so you can quickly build a vivid Halloween Scream creation and dismantle it when you're done!

Ghostface Scarecrow

Perfect for Halloween, you can haunt the porch or use it for a fancy dress shindig, hang it up, or place it at every table and entrance. Unbelievably awesome decoration for Halloween!

Horror-themed Scarecrow

Eye-catching Size

A simple way to turn your dwelling or garden into a Halloween haven. All ages and cohorts can revel in these cheerful, hauntingly loud Halloween festivities!

Like A Real Ghost

When flapping in the breeze, it looks like an actual phantom - so alive and noticeable!

Ghost Face Yard Ornament

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