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LED Water Faucet Nozzle Streamlight

LED Water Faucet Nozzle Streamlight

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Put a spunk of light on your faucet using the Faucet Nozzle Streamlight!

People frequently discover ways to incorporate color into their daily routines or even their houses.

This wonderful faucet nozzle comes with spectacular lights that transform into different streaks of light, leaving you speechless. This product will undoubtedly brighten your day, and you will be able to wash your dishes and see well even if your house is dim.

Eco-friendly faucet upgrade


Unique Design -

                            The color-changing faucet will provide you with a delightful and unforgettable experience. The color of the water will change due to the sensitivity of the faucet nozzle. The light will vary depending on the temperature of the water. 

Water-saving LED nozzle

Premium Quality -

                                It is made of high-quality ABS with outstanding corrosion resistance. Surface precision polishing and nickel and chromium plating layers are included. It's perfect for the bathroom or the kitchen. 

Energy Saving -

                          There are no batteries or other power supplies needed with these faucet aerators because they include built-in LED lighting. and have a higher level of security. No more actions are required. Simply turn on the faucet, and the light will ignite after the water has flowed down. Hydraulic drives generate their power, eliminating the requirement for a power source while also being safe and environmentally friendly.

Product Details:

 Material: Metal
Case Color: Silver

Weight: 65g

Bright water stream attachment

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