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Magnetic Mini Lamp

Magnetic Mini Lamp

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Lampshade Color
Compact and portable lighting

The balance lamp utilizes a unique magnetic switch design

It makes a great gift for a techy / science friend

Magnetic mount light

The balance lamp utilizes a unique magnetic switch design. When you lift the ball at the bottom, it will be attracted to the ball at the top, and the light will come on after it reaches equilibrium. The clever switch design gives you a novel control experience.

Stylish magnetic lamp

With 6 Levels Dimming

you can switch between white light and warm light at will, and adjust the brightness of the light you want. The 6500K white light is enough to work as a book-reading light by the bed. The 3000K soft warm light will give you a quiet and warm home.

Miniature magnetic LED light

This balanced night light has a special oval appearance. It embeds LED lighting components in the frame of ABS material, leaving a way out for the light. The two balls act as a switch and the light charges by the USB-C port. Once fully charged, you can move the magnetic lamp at will without the cable plugged in. Please note that when the indicator light is flashing, the table lamp should be recharged.

Portable magnetic lamp

Technically you’re not supposed to use it when it’s charging so if you use it all through the night without it being plugged in the light will go out. It lights part of the room so you would need a second one for more comfortable lighting in my opinion. You’ll need to charge it during the day. I also would have liked to have a longer cord. Looks cool and I like the warm setting.

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