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Pet Hair Removal Gloves for Cats & Dogs

Pet Hair Removal Gloves for Cats & Dogs

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Effortless Grooming for Cats & Dogs

Pet grooming gloves

Keep your pets looking their best with minimal effort. The Pet Hair Removal Gloves make grooming quick, easy, and enjoyable for both you and your furry friends.

Hair removal for pets
  • Efficient Hair Removal: Removes loose fur with ease, keeping your home cleaner.
  • Gentle on Pets: Soft silicone tips provide a calming massage that pets love.
  • Versatile Use: Perfect for both cats and dogs, regardless of fur type.

 Trusted by Pet Owners Everywhere

Join thousands of happy pet owners who trust our Pet Hair Removal Gloves. Designed with your pet's comfort and your convenience in mind.

Dog grooming glove

 How to Use

Put on the glove and adjust the strap for a snug fit. Gently stroke your pet, allowing the silicone tips to capture loose hair. Simply peel off the collected fur and dispose of it.

Dog hair removal

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Cat hair removal


  • Material: Silicone, breathable mesh
  • Size: One size fits all with an adjustable strap
  • Suitable for: Cats and dogs of all fur types
  • Colors: Blue, green, pink
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