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Pibi Electronics - Shaving Apron

Pibi Electronics - Shaving Apron

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Customer Review:

Great product at a great price! Works as advertised. Superb customer service and great help from the seller Pibi Electronics. I would recommend the Beard Hair Apron. makes life so much easier and avoids getting into trouble with the misses. A really good purchase.

Special Features:

• Keeps your sink area, bathroom and toiletries all hair free
• Made of premium deluxe Polyester Taffeta that works for virtually any skin type
• At Top Gents, we test every product we release to make sure it's the best
• Easy to set up on your mirror with suction cups. Hooks also included as requested
• Works perfectly with any Beard Trimmer
• Includes travel pouch for handy storage
• One size fits all. Velcro neck straps allows a comfy fit no matter your size

Usage Tips:

Squeeze the two suckers and push really hard to make sure they stay suctioned to the mirror. Once you have suctioned the suckers you should slide them within the apron loop; this enables for mobility and full movement. The last step: Attach the Velcro straps around your neck and you are ready to shave.


Attach straps to the desired length; the Velcro will catch the back side. Suckers and loops are high quality to ensure your taking no risk in using our product - Load capacity), toys, toothbrushes). If suckers don't stay attach to your mirror, please contact us for any questions; TopGents Customer Support is available 24hrs a day.
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