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Pibi Electronics - Solar Garden Water Fountain

Pibi Electronics - Solar Garden Water Fountain

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Best decorative investment you can make for your garden!

The solar panel added to this floating solar fountain pump has a built-in battery that can automatically store solar energy. It is a true green solar water pump.
Solar garden fountain in action
 This product is a solar direct-drive water pump without an external battery. The height of the water spray depends entirely on the strength of the sun.
Eco-friendly outdoor fountain
Choose a newer water pump with higher efficiency, and the water spray effect of the water pump with weak light is more prominent under the same solar panel power.

 Relaxing solar fountain for outdoors


Place the solar panel in a suitable place to ensure that it is not blocked by other objects. When the solar panel receives sufficient light, the water pump works normally.

When the water pump is just put into the water, there is air in it, which may affect the spray effect. It is recommended to wait for the water pump to spray normally before connecting the spray head.

Product attribute
Pump voltage: DC 7V
Pump power: 1.0W
Solar panel voltage: 7V Solar panel power: 1.4w
Solar panel: Ø 160mm (monocrystalline silicon) PET laminate

Warm reminder
1. Please remember that due to the lighting effects, the monitor's brightness /contrast settings / etc's, there will be some slight differences in the color of the pictures and the actual items. Measured by hand, deviations of 1-2 cm are possible.
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Smart design- When the sun is weak, the pump will not work continuously, and will automatically start repeatedly until the sun reaches a certain intensity, and it will automatically resume continuous work.
Rich sprinkler- The product is equipped with six new completely different nozzle accessories, with more spray styles and better results. Change the nozzle to adjust the height to avoid splashing out of the pool.
Solar- It makes full use of solar energy, saves energy, and protects the environment so that the pump can work continuously even in weak sunlight.
High performance- This circular solar pump is small in size and high in power. It can flexibly increase the pH of the water, maintain water circulation, and improve the life of ponds and fish.
On many occasions- The solar pump is very suitable for bird baths, aquariums, small ponds, swimming pools, gardens, and oxygen-circulating water. Built-in battery, easy to install and use.

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