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Portable Fresh Juice Original

Portable Fresh Juice Original

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Do you want a simpler way to make smoothies?

Easily whip up delicious smoothies on the go with our Smoothie Blender Bottle. It packs 20,000 revolutions per minute in 40 seconds. Enjoy the convenience of a healthy, fresh smoothie anytime, anywhere!


  • Charge our Smoothie Blender Bottle with the wireless charger via USB
  • Fill the smoothie blender with fruits and vegetables as you like
  • Press the button on the end of the juicer to start blending
  • Enjoy your delicious smoothie
Fruitful Pleasure - Portable Fresh Juice Delight


  • Powerful smoothie blender to go
  • Multiple charging options for the battery thanks to USB
  • Maximum safety thanks to automatic stop function
  • BPA-free plastic
  • Filling capacity: 380ml = 12,8 fl oz

Revitalize with Portable Fresh Juice

Juice Nirvana - Portable Freshness at Your Fingertips

Unleash the Flavor

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