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Retro 36 Classic Games iPhone Case Cover

Retro 36 Classic Games iPhone Case Cover

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A Must Have Case

Play the Gameboy Case anywhere you need! Whether you are at the field, on an airplane, or staying for a taxi, the Gameboy Case is your perfect retro mobile game mate, a must-have companion to kill time and pressure.

36-in-1 Game Cover

Loaded With Fun

The Gameboy Case has some model all-moment pets like Super Mario Bros, Pacman, Galaga, Donkey Kong, and again.

Retro Gamer's Choice

Battery & Charging

Our built-in lithium-ion battery takes 1 hour to charge & gives you up to 6 hours of gameplay per charge. Includes Micro USB cable for charging.
The Gameboy Case has a removable screen protective film to keep your case's screen scratch-free and dustproof.

Mobile Gaming Fun

36 Built-In Games

Different from other phone cases on the market, our Gameboy Case has a retro design with 36 built-in games

Gaming Console Style

Easy To Use

Inspired by the design of Handheld Consoles, this case is very easy to use with 7 buttons

iPhone Arcade Case


Q: How many games are in this game case?
A:36 retro classic games in this game case.

Q: Does this case come with a battery?
A: No. It is charged with a USB cable. The cable is included in the package.

Q: What can I do if It does not work when I receive it?
A: first, you need to press and hold the start button for about 5 seconds, and the console will turn on. Or it may run out of battery, you just need to charge
it with the cable in the package. If you have any other doubt, please feel free to contact me. I am very glad to help you solve all the problems.

Q: I can not put it on my phone.
A: To protect both the phone and game console not falling off, this case is designed a little tight. We will check every product before we send it. So you just need to put it on patiently. And you will find they are a perfect fit.

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