Steel Tongue Ethereal Drum Kit 6 Inches 11 Notes
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Steel Tongue Ethereal Drum Kit 6 Inches 11 Notes

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 Discover inner peace with the resonating tones of the Ethereal Drum.

Steel Tongue Drum Kit
  • Explore the peaceful sounds of the 12-inch Steel Tongue Ethereal Drum Kit.
  • Listen to the nice drum sounds! The Ethereal Drum is like taking a tiny vacation where you don't feel stressed.
  • Play with the 12-inch drum that has 11 notes. It's easy for everyone, even if you're just starting to play music.
  • The drum is made of special steel that makes really smooth and nice sounds.
  • Anyone can play this drum and have fun making music.
  • Whether you know a lot about music or just a little, the Ethereal Steel
  • Tongue Drum is something you should try!


Transport your soul to a calm, healing place with a soothing sound that is perfect for:

  • Personal meditation and relaxation
  • Yoga practice
  • Music therapy
  • Performances, duets, soundtracks
  • Religious activities
  • And more!
Ethereal Sound Instrument

Promotes Cognitive Growth in Children

The Ethereal Steel Tongue Drum is perfect for enhancing a child's development in all areas. By engaging their body and mind simultaneously, it boosts their focus, coordination, rhythm, imagination, and much more.

6-Inch Harmonic Drum

Help alleviate stress for adults

Looking for some relaxation and stress relief? Look no further than the Ethereal Steel Tongue Drum. Its beautiful, soothing melodies can help calm your mind and elevate your mood.

What You Will Receive

Melodic Percussion Kit
Unique Steel Drum