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The Pibi Electronics™ Reflective Soccer Ball

The Pibi Electronics™ Reflective Soccer Ball

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Stay Visible with the Reflective Soccer Ball
Be the first to show off The Pibi Electronics™ Soccer ball to friends, family, and followers! It's the coolest new ball they'll ever see!
Premium Reflective Soccer Ball from Pibi Electronics
Capture eye-catching content with the 'flash' enabled mobile photo/video - no editing needed. Show off your soccer skills on social media with The Pibi Electronics™ Soccer ball!

Enhance Your Game with Reflective Soccer Ball

The Pibi Electronics soccer ball is suitable for indoor and outdoor play!

Play Soccer Anytime with Reflective Ball

The ball (size 5) is perfect for soccer players, freestylers & lovers.


Brighten Your Game with Our Reflective Soccer Ball

The Pibi Electronics Soccer ball is crafted of reflective leather with a holographic effect, feeling and performing like a normal soccer ball. It appears black when dark, but with a flash, it lights up on phones.

The ball is luminous; you can see it during daytime soccer games!

Get Ready for Action with Reflective Soccer Ball
We perfected the Pibi Electronics Soccer ball over months, knowing its effect on the field.

We promise you that it plays as well as it looks, get yours today!

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